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Distortions—A Thriller

Jonna Billingsley, RN, doesn’t understand that the senseless death of her mother will change her life forever. She starts receiving strange phone calls. Those close to her are being hurt. And, when cleaning out her mother’s house, she discovers love letters from a man named Teddy. Who is Teddy? Jonna navigates into the unknown history of her mother and a demented suitor. But, before her nightmare is over, she is faced with the distortions of an unbalanced mind dressed up as sanity. Distortions drives home the fact that an irrational mind functions very rationally when the object of their existence demands it.


About the Author

Alida Chaney

I am a Registered Nurse practicing in acute care for over 45 years. I have dealt with all types of personalities in the hospital and in my career. I learned that a person with a distorted, insane mind believes their actions are justified in everything they do.

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