Mediocrity in America

A Point of View

by Andrew Rodriguez


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A legacy to future generations, Mediocrity in America reminds readers about the fragility of freedom.

“I’ve been granted the dispensation to communicate with selected humans at will. And so, I shall draw upon my talent to warn my two loyal friends against the venomous scourge of mediocrity—the dark Trojan horse breaching our country’s soul…” In Mediocrity in America, Titan the St. Bernard presents a wealth of information regarding the effects of widespread mediocrity—offering much to consider if America is to remain one of the greatest nations on Earth. Titan weighs in on envy (as well as the other deadly sins), art and culture, and vulgarity, and offers his canine point of view on what he considers the scourge of our nation: Indifferent beings strolling through the walks of life without teaching and without learning. “The catastrophe occurs when boring citizens such as these grow to immeasurable numbers and become the majority—perfect timing for a dogmatic, narrow-minded, inflexible group to fill the vacuum and establish an encrusted, paralyzed society that will disintegrate as mediocrity becomes its bedrock.” This unique and thoughtful narrative is as spot-on as it is entertaining. And Titan—a true doggy guru—is a benevolent narrator, making a compelling case against the dangers of mediocrity in America.


About the Author

Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew J. Rodriguez is also the author of Santa Rita Stories, Coming of Age in a Cuban Fishing Town; Helen’s Treasure, Odyssey of a Ladies’ Man; and The Incredible Adventures of Enrique Diaz, a finalist for both the Book of the Year Award sponsored by Foreword Magazine and the Best Books Award sponsored by USA Book News. His second book, Adios, Havana: A Memoir, won the prestigious Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Award in 2005 as well as the Allbooks Reviews Editor’s Choice Award. Rodriguez and his wife live in Colorado and Florida.

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