The Teleportation of an American Teenager

A Novel for All Ages

by Andrew J. Rodriguez


Book Details

In the 1920's the spirit of a Druid high priest from ancient Ireland vests upon Ivan McKinley-an Irish-American teenager, the gift of traveling through time by way of the subconscious. Their mission: Prevent history from repeating itself.

Share Ivan's exotic experiences as he travels the Silk Road during the Middle Ages. Cross the Taklamakan - the largest and most abominable desert on Earth. Startle your wits with the bizarre traditions of the Mongols. Meet a barbarian beauty Ivan tries to change into a graceful lady of noble birth. Would they end up in a passionate love affair against all odds?

Spend three months at an ancient monastery the friars of which consider it a preamble to Paradise. Wear your favorite costume at a carnival in Venice. Meet historical figures in a way you'd never thought possible - away from history books. And above all, evaluate the past from your own viewpoint.

Welcome to Ivan's dreams. Welcome to the wisdom of the ages!

The Teleportation of an American Teenager is the last in a series of novels written by Andrew Rodriguez. "The Caiman Affair" (memoirs of a Cuban refugee) and his children's story; My Most Influential Friend are also among his most notable works.


About the Author

Andrew J. Rodriguez

Passionate about writing, Andrew spends his retirement years setting free his prolific imagination.

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