The Incredible Adventures of Enrique Diaz

A Novel for the Young at Heart

by Andrew J. Rodriguez

The Incredible Adventures of Enrique Diaz

The Incredible Adventures of Enrique Diaz

A Novel for the Young at Heart

by Andrew J. Rodriguez

Published Aug 21, 2006
364 Pages
Genre: FICTION / Historical / General


Book Details

Astonishing answers to unspoken questions during the Discovery

This is the remarkable tale of Enrique Diaz, a young fifteenth-century Portuguese Catholic who sets off to realize his dream--to find an elusive utopian paradise in the heart of Africa--accompanied by his two sidekicks, a Portuguese Jew and a Moor. Traveling by ship, cart, and caravan, the three explorers encounter perils galore--pirates and storms at sea, slave traders and murderous thieves on land. They explore the exotic casbahs of Morocco...the mysterious ruins of ancient Egypt...the hidden civilization of Abyssinia, keepers of the Ark of the Covenant...the awe-inspiring holy city of Mecca...and return again to Renaissance Europe. En route the young travelers taste the richness of each other's religions--and win the hearts of their true loves.

The Age of Discovery comes alive in all its variety in "The Incredible Adventures of Enrique Diaz."


Book Excerpt

"As a youth, I found untold inspiration in tales of extraordinary discoveries. I resolved that one day I would join the ranks of these visionary travelers.

"Now, with all modesty, I offer a true account of my journeys. These writings, wondrous as they may seem, are drawn from my daily log charting my travels to the legendary kingdom of Prester John and to the many mysterious nations that lie beyond the horizon. In my effort to uncover the truth behind the myth, I faced unimaginable perils and encountered every strangeness and variety of human being in God's great creation. Every word--each description of the marvels, dangers and delights I encountered--is as I found it to be"


About the Author

Andrew J. Rodriguez

Andrew J. Rodriguez is a student of the human condition who views the writer's craft as a means to enrapture the mind and touch the heart. "The Incredible Adventures of Enrique Diaz" is his third book, following his critically acclaimed memoir, "Adios, Havana" and "The Teleportation of an American Teenager", a novel that moves from Mongolia to medieval Venice along the fabled Silk Road. He and his wife live in Colorado and Florida.

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