Kassie Kane and the Tainted Blood

Book Two of the Kane Saga

by Kelly Scidmore-Sievers


Book Details

In A Land Where Magic Is Dying...

A young girl destined for leadership finds herself in an epic struggle to unite the forces of good against an ever-growing power of evil. Kassie Kane must heal the rift separating the Elves, goblins, and blended peoples of Pulchritude Amity to repel the evil Czar Nefarious’ plans to enslave the land. Together with her brother Charlie Kane, who is the new magic writer, and the last of the humans in the land, they embark on a perilous journey to fulfill their destinies and bring a world of magic back to life.


About the Author

Kelly Scidmore-Sievers

Kelly’s deep love for reading and writing began early as a child and inspired her to imagine her ideas in print. This is her second novel in the Kane series. She resides with her husband and three children in Illinois.

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