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The promise and hope of youth is dying...and the ratings are high as a nation looks on and does nothing.

Birthdays should be happy, memorable days, especially one's 18th birthday. But for the citizens governed by the Ruling Assembly, the 18th birthday is a dreadful day, where the only gifts are fear and a looming uncertainty. Taken from their families by the Ta-Ta, the 18 year old betwixts are turned into reality stars of their own hellish show, where death is just as real as life, and sacrifice in the name of science is nothing more than apocryphal promises.


About the Author

Kelly Scidmore-Sievers

Kelly Scidmore-Sievers is the author of The Kane Saga, Charlie Kane The Magic Writer, Cassie Kane and the Tainted Blood and Morpheus Kane and the Sloboda Amulet. She is currently working on The Purgatory Reality Series, of which Purgatory One is the first book. Kelly is a native of Cortland, Illinois, and currently resides in Byron with her husband and two children.

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