Morpheus Kane and the Sloboda Amulet

Book Three of the Kane Saga

by Kelly Scidmore-Sievers


Book Details

Death Is Not An Option...

As the Kane siblings race to fulfill their destinies, the evil surrounding them is destroying the land’s allies one by one. Czar Nefarious, The Fire In The Darkness, summons his armies and sets out to destroy the Kane legacy, thus ensuring his domination of Pulchritude Amity once and for all. Together, Charlie and Kassie Kane find themselves at the center of an epic battle of magic and mayhem as they struggle to survive and free the land from the evil tyranny that would forever rule.


About the Author

Kelly Scidmore-Sievers

Kelly’s lifelong love of reading and writing inspired her to see her imaginings in print. After many sleepless nights of scribing her thoughts onto paper, Charlie and Kassie Kane were born, and helped introduce an entire world of brave new characters. This is the third novel in the Kane series. Kelly is currently working on her magic writing while residing in Second City with her husband, three children, four wolves and several gnomes.

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