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The Average Christian… Isn’t Average!

Like many of us, you may attend church faithfully and try to follow Jesus’ footsteps, but perhaps you feel that you aren’t accomplishing enough…that your walk with God is not as vital and alive as you would like it to be. In his inspiring, compassionate book Family Likeness, Wilson Awasu shares stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God in their everyday lives. The presence of God in people’s lives makes them more like Jesus, and allows them to become spiritually, morally, and mentally aligned to God, able to pick up on his cues, tugs, and nudges to be channels of his grace. Every Christian has the opportunity to extend God’s love, forgiveness, peace, joy, life, freedom, and wholeness to people and situations who are hurting and in need. Man was made in God’s image: if you take that concept seriously, as God does, you will be amazed at what he will accomplish through you. Family Likeness gives you practical help to see God in others, and to make this way of relating an integral part of your life.


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Wilson Awasu

Wilson Awasu (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) is a missiologist, researcher of spiritism and spiritual formations, and a missionary training consultant. He is the author of Transformational Conversion, Fresh and Spicy (Antidote to Burnout), Kim’s Confessions, and Kathy’s Good News . He and his wife Anna live in Lakeville, Minnesota.

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