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The Christian Kid Turned Non-Christian is a fictional seminar that offers the disillusioned Christian a chance to analyze their defection from the church in its historical context—from family background to the present. The process exposes them to shades of inauthentic Christianity and possible background causes for their dissatisfaction, along with stories of authentic Christianity and the contemporary, ordinary people who exemplify it. The defected Christian will be able to see more clearly what turned them off Christianity in the first place. Was it the inauthentic posing as the authentic? Or the demands of the built-in reality checks in the authentic? This book also offers them a chance to look the authentic in the eye and either accept or reject it.


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Wilson Awasu

Wilson Awasu holds a PhD in intercultural studies. He’s married, lives in Lakeville, Minnesota, and has traveled in Europe, Africa, Australia, and the United States. A speaker and educator, he has proven skills in youth outreach, and he is extensively published.

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