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Kim thinks she’s a true believer. She’s a ninth-generation Presbyterian

and her church’s choir director, to boot. But she’s about to learn that belief isn’t something you can take for granted.

It all starts when her pastor puts on a seminar called “Radical Growth.”

Confronted with challenges to her trust in the Lord, Kim puts up a strong resistance. After all, she’s done all the right things, knows all about the Bible; how could she be less than fully trusting in God? But when a pointed example reveals her deeply hidden skepticism, Kim faces the truth she can’t ignore.

What follows is a journey of faith and personal discovery that will give Kim a relationship with God she hasn’t had in her 43 years. The key is to learn childlike trust in God — a message easier said than done. Along the way, she’ll also experience a healing of the grudges, disdain and is respect she didn’t even know she held. And her radical transformation will end up having a larger impact on the church than she could ever have imagined...

Eye-opening and moving, Kim’s Confessions explores the real meaning of belief. Part spiritual history, part guidebook, it’s a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God.


About the Author

Wilson Awasu

Dr. Wilson Awasu holds a Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is a renowned

missiologist, researcher of spiritism and spiritual formations, and a missionary

training consultant. His books include Transformational Conversion, Fresh and Spicy (Antidote to Burnout), The Conflict, Family Likeness, and Kathy’s Good News.

Dr. Awasu and his wife Anna live in Lakeville, Minnesota.

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