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Devil’s Night is a story of terror, horror, revenge and a late found love. With a backdrop of Detroit in the 1960s, the story begins on Halloween Eve – called Devil’s Night. A teenage prank goes horribly wrong on this quasi-festive night when five teenage boys steal a mocked-up scarecrow from a neighborhood porch and hang it on an expressway overpass. This seemingly harmless act leads to an evolving series of life changing events. Georgie Kolpacki is the self-appointed leader of the boys. His dire family background, deep-seated paranoia, and waning friendships feed his quest for brutal revenge. Rosemary Lesko is one of the targets of this revenge. The Lesko family and their Aunt Anna have their lives turned from idyllic to turmoil as they deal with tragedy and the evolving consequences. Aunt Anna’s psyche is transformed from a lifelong spinster to a woman falling in love with a local bar owner and plays a key role in the outcome of the story. A Doberman Pinscher by the name of Lucifer, and a twin specter, prove to be a nemesis that Georgie must try to escape from!


About the Author

Thomas Stacey

Thomas Stacey resides in Michigan on Lake Marion where he retired with his late wife Sandra. “Devil’s Night” is his fifth novel. His first two novels scored a winner and finalist on the INDIE book awards. His last novel “1861-D” was given a 5 STAR review by the Reader’s Favorite International Book Contest. He is a graduate of Wayne State University with a degree in journalism. He is fulfilling his lifelong dream of writing and publishing compelling stories for everyone to enjoy.

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