Epiphany of Evil

Sequel to Massacre of the Innocents

by Thomas Stacey


Book Details

Epiphany of Evil, the sequel, picks up where Massacre of the Innocents left off. The murder of Bishop Rizek

The sequel picks up where “Massacre of the Innocents” left off . . . the murder of Bishop Rizek. Father John Paziek, once again, is pulled into the police investigation along with Detective Doug Emery. Father Bernard and a scoutmaster were caught by Father John while attempting to molest a boy scout. He is on the run. He left after a troubling encounter with Bishop Rizek and is on a quest to make changes in his life. The changes he perceives as his epiphany are leading in the direction of evil rather than good! Father John’s life takes on new directions as his feelings for Denise Novak, a former nun, intensify. His vocation to the priesthood is questioned and he must decide whether he can continue a life of celibacy and serving God. As he struggles with this decision, he reconnects a friendship that he has enjoyed with Calvin Teasley, owner of a blind pig casino in the Black Bottom area of Detroit. Father Bernard’s psychosis leaves a trail of torture, murder, and eventually a thirst to satisfy his revenge on both Father John and Denise. The killer of Bishop Rizek is revealed amid a murderous, revengeful plot at Saint Francis Parish . . . where the saga began!


About the Author

Thomas Stacey

Thomas Stacey resides on Lake Marion in Michigan where he retired with his late wife Sandra. He has published five previous novels. His last novel “Devil’s Night” was awarded runner-up in the Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize in the Mystery/Crime genre.

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