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The riveting saga of a young man who moves from obscurity to stardom to a secret, undercover life.

In the 1970s, Tommy Rissen—a shy, poetry-loving student—suddenly finds himself an up-and-coming front man for a rock group, Roc. But Roc’s meteoric rise is interrupted by the sudden disappearance of Tommy, the poet turned songwriter and singer. Love, drug abuse, and a daring offer from a United States marshal lead to murder and mayhem in a trail from Los Angeles to a sleepy coastal Mexican village.

After helping US Marshal Tano Martinez in a sting operation to entrap a Mexican drug lord known as El Piranha, Tommy enters the U.S. government’s witness protection program. But Tommy’s newfound serenity is cut short by El Piranha’s gruesome quest for revenge—ending in a tense showdown between US marshals and the Mexican cartel.


About the Author

Thomas Stacey

Thomas Stacey resides on Lake Marion in West Bloomfield, Michigan, where he retired with his late wife, Sandra. His debut novel, The Sam Browne, is a sci-fi murder mystery and the winner of the INDIE Book Awards contest of 2018 in the Thriller genre. Thomas is a graduate of Wayne State University with a degree in journalism. He is fulfilling his lifelong dream of writing and publishing compelling stories for everyone to enjoy. He has two sons, Craig and Kyle, and two grandchildren, Hope and Justin.

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