Devil 13

Book I-Chronicle

by Kenneth Watson Jr


Book Details

Key Gifford bears the weight of the whole world on his shoulders.

As the 13th Devil, Key was born for a specific purpose: either to be a sacrifice—a way for Hell to claim and destroy the earth—or to make a Garden of Eden of our world and grant humans immortality. Key is the single catalyst to Armageddon or deliverance, and being responsible for the salvation or death of humanity is a burden he is desperately trying to escape. In this powerful debut novel, Key and his partner, Elizabeth Hellsing, must find the Shroud of Turin if they are to have any hope of changing Key from the 13th Devil into a human. They’ll face unholy opposition at every turn, but if they succeed, it will cancel out the prophecy, free Key from his own sacrifice… and save the Earth from total destruction.


About the Author

Kenneth Watson Jr

Kenneth D. Watson Jr. lives in District Heights, Maryland, where he has lived his whole life. He began conceptualizing Devil 13 in 2005 but put no words to paper until 2008, right before he was hospitalized for a brain tumor. Since then, Kenneth has undergone four brain surgeries and is currently attending classes at Prince George’s County Community College. He is also the father of nine-year-old Lashay. Devil 13 is his first novel.

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