Devil 13

Book II-Tribulation

by Kenneth D. Watson Jr.


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His Search For Vindication Continues…

The 13TH Devil, Key Gifford, seeks to change his fate and avoid his death. If he is sacrificed by someone with an evil heart, then our world is claimed and destroyed by Hell. However, if someone good sacrifices him, the world becomes another Garden of Eden—granting all humans immortality and freedom from pain and sickness. Not wishing to be killed, Key is on an ongoing search for the Shroud of Turin while being hunted down by the other devils and the Holy Knights of God. With the unleashing of his Darkness and other threats that he felt were too great for Elizabeth Hellsing, Key abandoned his dear friend in Brazil—leaving the Chronicle of the End Time with her. Unsure of what to do, Key turns to his childhood friend, Beatrice Jackson, to help him find the Shroud of Turin. What is going to happen to Key? What new challenges will he face? And will the he find the Shroud and become a human to hopefully negate the Prophecy of the End Time?


About the Author

Kenneth D. Watson Jr.

Kenneth D. Watson Jr. is an author that comes from District Heights and enjoys making stories that he wants others to enjoy. He gives his thanks to God for all he has. Mr. Watson did a great job on his first novel. The story is great - Go Key! T. Jones

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Devil 13
Devil 13