Devil 13

Book III-Judgement

by Kenneth D. Watson Jr.


Book Details

Key Gifford Must Find the Illuminati in Order to Change His Fate…But Time Is Running Out

As the 13th Devil, Key Gifford was born for a specific purpose: either to be a sacrifice—a way for Hell to claim and destroy the earth—or to make a Garden of Eden of our world and grant humans immortality. Key is the single catalyst to Armageddon or deliverance, and being responsible for the salvation or death of humanity is a burden he is desperately trying to escape.

In the third highly anticipated installment of the Devil 13 series, Key and Liz make their way back to America, guided by the Chronicle of the End Time. However, the Chronicle’s reliability is brought into question after having given them false information on the Illuminati’s location. Things are already bad enough with the Holy Knights and other devils hunting Key down—now, he and Liz learn that there may be some mystery person manipulating the Chronicle from behind the scenes. But who? And why?


About the Author

Kenneth D. Watson Jr.

Kenneth D. Watson Jr. comes from District Heights, Maryland. He is the author of the Devil 13 series, Book 1—Chronicle and Book 2—Tribulation.

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Devil 13
Devil 13