A Tapestry: Of Life's Journeys

by Richard Ellis Shaw


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Writing is the creation of images, the ability to stir emotions or share a common experience. I have enjoyed writing these stories and hope you will enjoy reading them.

Ten Short Stories The Gift – love letters and a doll’s cradle Missing Summer – treasure – college graduation – small town-relationships Author’s Character – blank page – character’s revenge Rebirth – Finally figuring out who she is The Photographer – Double Dog dare – strange camera – and a photographer Susie’s Diner – small town – characters – lives changing Chance Encounter – Stepping outside of her comfort zone Interloper – noises and lights in an abandoned farmhouse Snow Day – no school – best news ever Dusty Book Emporium – unexplainable journey in a bookstore – maybe


About the Author

Richard Ellis Shaw

The first time I read one of my stories was to the kids in my neighborhood. I was eight years old. There was something about writing and sharing it with others that planted the writing seed in me. A Tapestry of Life’s Journeys is my first book of short stories. I hope you will enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. I grew up in New England. I live in Illinois and have been a middle school teacher and counselor, presently professor National Louis University.

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