When A Good Will Goes Bad

by Omar Scott

When A Good Will Goes Bad

When A Good Will Goes Bad

by Omar Scott

Published Aug 31, 2007
196 Pages
Genre: LITERARY CRITICISM / American / African American & Black


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When A Good Will Goes Bad!

When A Good Will Goes Bad is a story that hits deep inside of the soul of a man dealing with hurts, bad habits, and emotional hang-ups. Will is a man looking for love in all the wrong places just to fill a void in his heart filled with hurt and pain from a past love that betrayed him. When Will’s best friend is murdered, Will seeks revenge. Dealing with a guilty conscience, he is forced into the depths of his own personal hell and ends up feeling that suicide is the only option to free him from the guilt of his sins. But that was not the path Karma chose for him. Years later, life looks bright once again after a new life in the military—until he receives a letter one morning about his class reunion. He is overcome with desire to see a past love. Will goes, only to find that he once again must face the pain of the past. When he finds the courage to do so, it becomes a catharsis, cleansing his troubled soul so that he can have a productive future. He is a man who overcomes his own personal demons. Be prepared for sleep deprivation because this is a real page-turner!


Book Excerpt

Punchie and I looked at each other with terror on our faces. We got out the car and both guys threw us against the hood, and begin to pat us down. When they finished doing that, they told us to have a seat on the curb. They started searching through the car's interior. I sat there with my head in my hands thinking, it over. It’s all over. My hopes, my dream, it’s over. We got cocaine in the trunk, we're through. We're going to prison. I can't believe Punchie got me into this shit. How am I going to explain this to my mother, she'll be heart broken. Tears begin to fill the wells of my eyes. I bowed my head and started praying for God to please, please, get me out of this. Punchie just sat there with his head in his hands also, looking dumb. The cops finished searching the inside and took the keys out the ignition to open the trunk. It seemed like he was moving in slow motion. I could count each step he took, as he made his way to the trunk. My first instinct was to take off. These cops looked older; maybe I could out run them. The car didn't belong to me, so it was a possibility of clean get away, right. But I couldn't move it was like watching a terrible wreck. You know your going to see something that'll turn your stomach, but just can't look away. The cop stuck the key in the lock and opened the truck. As he reached for the duffle bag that had the two Ki’s of dope in it, suddenly I could hear their police radios on their hips saying, “CODE RED, CODE RED, WE HAVE A TWO- ELEVEN IN PROGRESS ON THE CORNER OF LEDBETTER AND SUNNYVALE. SUSPECTS ARE ARMED AND CONSIDERED DANGEROUS. ALL UNITS IN VICINTY PLEASE RESPOND! The cop pulled the key out the lock, and pulled the radio off his hip, “Command, this is unit Bravo 1-5-4 we're en route.”


About the Author

Omar Scott

OMAR SCOTT is also the author of the best selling novel When A Good Will Goes Bad. Originally from Los Angeles, Omar’s family moved to Dallas in 1979. His parents divorced when he was eight. Raised in a single parent home, Omar turned to gangs and the street life during his teen years. After brushes with the law and loosing his best friend to a brutal murder, Omar was forced to turn his life around. With a unique perspective, Omar chose to share his experiences through literary fiction. One of the fresh new voices in urban fiction, Omar brings the streets alive with graphic detail and masterful storytelling. CONTACT AUTHOR AT: Published_scott@yahoo.com

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