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Some Loyalties Have Dangerous Consequences

Loyalty is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but is rarely put to the test. For Dez, a promising DEA agent that managed to work his way off the streets of Brooklyn, it just got real. When his best friend is murdered by an elusive cartel leader named El Cazador, it sends Dez over the edge. Consumed with revenge, Dez will stop at nothing and break any rules to find this mysterious killer. Dez's only lead is a well connected, stylish, charismatic local drug dealer named Chops. Chops is looking to strike his own deal with El Cazador and become the next King of New York. Caught in the middle, a sexy interior designer named Pia, who is an unknowing witness that has captured the heart of both men. In this deadly love triangle, will Pia help Dez catch his killer, or will she be seduced by the riches and glamour that comes with being the girl of the most powerful gangster in New York?


Book Excerpt

                            Chapter 1 | Deep Cover
Standing on the corner of 8th Avenue, Lance Baldwin raised his arm, flipped his wrist, and noted the time. 6:55pm. Five minutes before the most important meeting of his life. The people he was waiting on were punctual, deadly, and extremely difficult to meet.
Dressed the way he was, he stood out. He wished he didn’t, but anyone standing in front of Al’s Liquor store in a black suit and tie with a red rose affixed to the lapel was going to stand out. 8th Avenue at night looked like Grand Central for the homeless. Some of them pushed shopping carts full of crushed aluminum cans, while others wrestled with the rats over the trash bags left on the curb for pickup. The stench in the air was so awful, Lance pulled his jacket over his nose to keep from gagging. This was no place for a suit, but he was following instructions. Being where he was told to be, wearing what he was told to wear. And nothing was going to stand in his way of keeping this appointment.  
   Lance had worked himself up the ranks from ghetto star selling cocaine by the ounce in rundown tenements to moving enough weight to where he had to score five kilos a week just to keep up with the demand. His sudden rise caught the attention of Giancarlo Del Toro, the right-hand man and key contact for a mysterious Columbian drug kingpin known only as El Cazador, Spanish for the Hunter. If he missed this opportunity, he might never get a second chance.
     Straightening his jacket, he inched closer to the curb and made himself visible to the oncoming traffic. At six two and standing under a bright streetlamp, it’s not like he really had to worry about that anyway. Lance’s light complexion could be spotted a block away. Nervously tapping his foot, he gazed over the skyline past the skyscrapers and into the gloomy horizon. Storm clouds rolled in, accompanied by the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning. The night sky looked as ominous as he felt. When another sea of cars came to a stop at the red light in front of him, Lance’s keen eyes scanned the window of each and every one. Is this the one?


About the Author

Omar Scott

I’m originally from Los Angeles. My Mother is from Harlem, New York, and my father is from Alexandria, Louisiana. We moved to Dallas in the late seventies to start a new business, but things didn’t work out for my parents and they divorced when I was eight. Growing up in a single family home, where I was the oldest of my mother’s three kids, things were difficult. I gravitated toward gangs and crime. And it wasn’t until I was faced with going to prison and losing my friend to a senseless murder that I turned my life around.  I found my calling to write. I went back to school and studied creative writing and liberal arts at Mountain View College. It was there where I found my unique voice and style. To tell crime stories from a deeper, more emotional place. To put the love and the passion in my stories and have endings with a twist. Then I wrote a short story called Troubled Waters and submitted it to a reader’s website called Timbooktu. They like it, and I was the featured author for that month. I followed that up with my first book, When a good will goes bad, then The hands of love, and next was Meet Mr. Wright. 

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