The Hands of Love


by Omar Scott


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Lorenzo Love, or Ren as he’s known on the streets, is not your typical veteran detective. He’s a smooth-talking, streetwise brother who is quite cunning. He cleverly juggles his home life, which includes his young son and loving wife, a needy mistress, and a narcotics unit of dirty cops that have been taking money under the table from dangerous drug-dealers. Ren has always been crafty at maneuvering his way out of difficult situations. But now his “bad-boy” ways are finally catching up with him. His relationship with his mistress is unraveling, Internal Affairs is investigating his crew for an illegal shooting, and a string of young ladies are brutally murdered one by one with the evidence pointing directly at Ren. The race is on to cover his tracks, clear his crew, and find a serial killer before it’s too late. Can Ren slip out of another tight squeeze, or will he finally go down? The Hands of Love is a fast paced well-crafted novel weaving its way through the crime infested streets of East Dallas. This intense thriller will have your eyes glued to every page right up to the unbelievable ending.


Book Excerpt

"The Hands of Love is a thriller that delivers quick dialogue and razor sharp action. The author doesn’t waste time with minor details he gets right to the point. Mr. Scott’s detail of the Dallas police department mechanics’ makes this a believable read." -

Missy (Reader's Paradise)


About the Author

Omar Scott

Originally from Los Angeles, his family moved to Dallas where he graduated from Justin F. Kimball high school. He attended college at El Centro and Mountain View college where he majored in creative writing. Inspired by his favorite writers, Donald Goines, Sistah Soulja, and Eric Jerome Dickey, he went on to start writing urban fiction. He published his first work, Troubled Waters, on in 2008. He's gone on to write three more books since.

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