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Sometimes things in life are not always what they appear to be. Couples give the perception of a perfect relationship when it’s far from perfection. You never know what a person is willing to endure to maintain the appearance of having a perfect life.

“I’m Catchin’ Hell” was written on the concept of how some relationships are perceived by individuals as being the “perfect couple” or “perfect marriage.” People assume a couple’s relationship or marriage is perfect and blissful as an outsider looking in, but behind closed doors things are far from perfect. We have no idea what an individual is willing to endure or sacrifice to maintain the façade of perfection. We tend to believe that money is the key to happiness and that it’s the solution to all of life’s problems. When a couple lives an elegant lifestyle and have obtained all the material possessions that money could buy, we have the false perception that their lives are perfect. In fact, their lives are imperfect. In an attempt to give the perception of perfection, we’re willing to portray the role of the ideal husband, wife or lover for the benefit of others, despite the mental and physical strain it causes. The stress and mental anguish, makes you feel as if you’re, “Catchin’ Hell.”


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Gregory Norman

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida to Robert and Julia Norman. I’m the father of Chandler and Kennedi Norman. I’m the sibling of Robert, James, Juanita, Patricia and Karen. I’ve been an employee of the United States Postal Service for more than 22 years. I’m currently a Manager of Customer Service for United States Postal Service. I’m the Author of the book titled “Cocoamo.” I’m also a proud Army Veteran.

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