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This story tells the journey of a family that endured heartache, betrayal, hatred and bigotry. The bond and the love that they shared for one another helped to persevere over all obstacles. Cocoamo gives the reader a glimpse into the ignorance that has been inherited within the African American communities. The light skinned, dark skinned stereotypical inaccuracies that have been passed down for generations within the race.


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Gregory Norman

I was born fourth child to Robert and Julia Norman in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. I was raised by two loving and caring parents. Their love, support and guidance shaped me into the man that I am today. God couldn't have blessed me with better role models. My father taught me to always strive to be the best. I learned how to be a man and a great provider from my father. He taught me to work hard and give your all, in order to attain your every desire. My will power and determination came solely from my mother. Her love and guidance ensured that I stayed on the right path. After graduating from Englewood Senior High School, I joined the United States Army. I was stationed in Ludwigsburg, Germany. I was later deployed to Saudi Arabia to Desert Shield, which ultimately became Operation Desert Storm. After serving in the military, I returned home to Jacksonville, where I met and married Sundra. I became employed with the United States Postal Service. Sundra and I were blessed with two beautiful daughters, Chandler and Kennedi. I am proud to say that I am currently a supervisor, still employed with the United States Postal Service for more than nineteen years.

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