Hell Don't Last Always

by Gregory Norman


Book Details

When the results of your life’s choices causes you to feel as if you’re living in a perpetual Hell...Just know that Hell Don’t Last Always...

“Hell Don’t Last Always” is the sequel to, “I’m Catchin’ Hell.” The story resumes with Angelica Townsend as she endures mental rehabilitation. She discovers that everyone in this life has a story to tell, the only difference is the author. Angelica’s life’s journey introduces her to a special group of people, all of which reveal to her that their life experiences are much worse than hers. Joshua Townsend learns of a family secret that’s accidently disclosed, which causes a tragedy within the Townsend family. “Hell Don’t Last Always” is emotionally dramatic, suspenseful, but relatable to current real life issues.


About the Author

Gregory Norman

Gregory Norman was born in Jacksonville, Florida to Robert and Julia Norman. Gregory is the father of Chandler and Kennedi Norman. Gregory is the published Author of “Cocoamo,” and “I’m Catchin’ Hell.” Gregory is a proud veteran of the United States Army where he served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. He’s currently a Manager with the United States Postal Service for more than 25 years.

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