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“1861-D” is the story of stolen gold coins and a hidden cache at the end of the Civil War.

1861-D is the story of stolen gold coins and a hidden cache at the end of the Civil War. The story moves forward more than 150 years to an idyllic Michigan lake, a secretive island and the life of a teenaged boy named Shane. Shane’s life begins to change dramatically after he restores an old rowboat. The rowboat sails him on a summer journey of freedom, exploration, hidden secrets and discovery of first love. Along with these exciting and fulfilling adventures and his quest for a golden treasure, he must also face the challenges of life’s realities. The health of his mother, a pediatric cancer patient, the trauma of a store owner and the plight of a Vietnam veteran all add to the maturity process.


About the Author

Thomas Stacey

Thomas Stacey resides on Lake Marion in West Bloomfield, Michigan where he retired with his late wife Sandra. “1861-D” is his fourth novel. His first two novels, “The Sam Browne” and “Alone, Together, Nevermore” scored a winner and finalist in the INDIE Book Awards. His third novel, “Massacre of the Innocents” is the story of the beginning of the turmoil we see in the Catholic Church today. Thomas is a graduate of Wayne State University with a degree in journalism. He is fulfilling his lifelong dream of writing and publishing compelling stories for everyone to enjoy. He has two sons, Craig and Kyle and two grandchildren, Hope and Justin.

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