White Wolf & The Bear

by p.a. delorenzi

White Wolf & The Bear

White Wolf & The Bear

by p.a. delorenzi

Published Dec 24, 2017
85 Pages
Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Nature & the Natural World / Environment


Book Details

A Mystical Modern Fable

It is a tragedy feared by every animal in the forest, and the wolf mother can hardly believe it happened—her two young pups were captured and stolen by a trapper. Grief-stricken and determined to save them, she sets out on an epic journey. Along the way, she befriends a great bear and falls in love. Bound together by devotion and the desire to find her beloved pups, the two of them travel through adventures that bring them face to face with elation and terror, as friends and foes cross their path. But when they are confronted by an evil sorceress and her ravenous apprentice, their strength and depth will be tested as never before. A compelling, richly atmospheric tale of friendship, sorcery, deceit, and compassion, White Wolf & the Bear will enchant and enlighten you.


About the Author

p.a. delorenzi

p. a. delorenzi lives and works on San Juan Island, Washington, where he erected his first tipi in 1986; he lived there year-round for three years. This story was written during that time. His love for mountains and forests became paramount in his life after his war service in the mountainous regions of Vietnam. Since his return, he has spent many years exploring the forests, including living for more than a year in a cave in the Ishi Country of the Mt. Lassen Wilderness Area.

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