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A prize-winning author presents some of her stories, poems and essays with nerve and verve.

“Just quit your bitchin’ and let me drive,” college president Clarence Rally growled at his wife, Lucy, as he turned left on a one-way street marked, “No Left Turn.”

“Your attitude is irritating beyond belief,” she snapped. Car horns blared at them. “Do you want to get us killed?”

“What I want is for you to stop nagging,” he growled again. (An excerpt from the short story, “A Story of an Hour.”)

“What the Cat Dragged In is a collection of the funny and sad, delightful and profound. Each piece leaves us with the vibrations of this stunningly witty author, through whom it passed. Accolades, Ms. Stephenson, a standing ovation. I’ve read each one, over and over — and here I go again.”—Carolyn Wall, author of Sweeping Up Glass and Playing with Matches.


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Lynda Stephenson

Lynda Stephenson was born and reared in the Texas Panhandle. She attended Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and then received her master’s degree and doctoral work in English from the University of Oklahoma. A former English professor at East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma, she has long been a prolific writer of poetry, essays, and short stories. Lynda currently lives in Edmond, OK with her husband, Gene. She is also the author of the highly popular Dancing with Elvis, The Southern Chapter of the Big Girl Panties Club, and Still Marching On.

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