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I heard once that when it comes to love, the biggest decision most people are faced with is whether to let go, or fight harder. This book is your guide to making that decision. For some, this is everything you’ve felt; for others, this is everything you STILL feel. One thing that is for sure is that, after reading this book, the one question you will be left with is “How does he know my life so well?”


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Chidozie E. Osuwa

Chidozie E. Osuwa, more commonly known as “Poetic Style,” is a poet and author originally from Nigeria, who has quickly become the voice for so many women throughout the world due to his ability to perfectly convey the everyday emotional crisis that women of today are faced with when it comes to love and relationships. His first book What She Feels gained instant popularity, and the sequel What She STILL Feels has been incredibly anticipated.

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