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This is not just another poetry book filled with cliché quotes. What this is is every emotion a woman has ever felt when dealing with love, but could never put into words. This is looking at yourself in the mirror. This is finally being able to look at your situation from the outside looking in. This is a look into the too often scarred hearts of our women. This is inspiration. This is hope.


About the Author

Chidozie Osuwa

Chidozie E. Osuwa, also known as “Poetic Style”, is an Author, Poet, Performer, and Songwriter originally from Nigeria. With the natural gift and passion to ignite feelings with his words, he quickly became a very well known poet in Baltimore, Maryland where he currently resides. His ability to perfectly depict what goes on in the minds and hearts of women in relation to love and pain makes him unique, and makes his work extremely relatable to say the least.

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