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ICU Chronicles

Unlike other fields of medicine, with their occasional “oddities,” the Intensive Care Unit sets the stage for a steady stream of unique medical challenges and patients who don’t fit a standard profile. Fainting Pulse is a compelling compilation of stories based on these real-life cases—and told by the doctor who lived them. While some patients come and go from critical care quickly and uneventfully, others leave a permanent mark on their caregiver’s souls. Among the dramatic stabbings, shootings, and freak car crashes, there are stories of exceptional patients and exceptional circumstances. Fainting Pulse shares some of these stories—from a woman struck by lightning to a man whose toothpick habit is nearly fatal; from swine flu to maggot therapy—with compassion, respect, and a healthy dose of humor.


About the Author

Asif Anwar, MD

Dr. Asif Anwar MD, MS, FCCP graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, with Internal Medicine residency training at the University of New Jersey and at Saint Louis University. He completed his fellowship training in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine from SLUH in 2008. In affiliation with the US Air Force, Dr. Anwar is also a Lieutenant Colonel at 128th ARW, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a Flight Surgeon, in the arena of USAF Aerospace Medicine and has worked with the Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) with 934th Airlift Wing at Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Anwar is currently affiliated with the United Hospital System in Kenosha, WI, and was awarded the Red Cross Brave Hearts-Military Award for his humanitarian aid work in Nepal after the earthquake of 2015. He is also the recipient of USAF-ANG, Clinical Excellence Award.

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