Beauty Makes A Stand

by Trinette Nash Thompson


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Beauty is about a young woman in her twenties who is a very smart, educated college graduate with a master’s degree in engineering, who has to negotiate to find her place in the working world because of the color of her skin. Beauty not only stands up for her place in the working world, she stands her ground in relationships, and her family life. She knows that because of the color of her skin things will not always be easy, but she is willing to fight for what is hers. As you read about Beauty and the struggles she faced, be encouraged because she teaches that trials don’t last always. Sometimes in situations you have to make a stand no matter what, just like Beauty did. The world is full of people with different races, skin tones, different religions and backgrounds. This world is not built on any one color. That is the beauty of it. We are people from all kinds of backgrounds, nationalities, and skin colors, and we have to live together in society. So, Beauty makes her stand against racism and the unfairness of the world. Maybe you are encountering some type of injustice. Through prayer you can overcome.


About the Author

Trinette Nash Thompson

The author Trinette Nash Thompson was inspired to write about Beauty because she is a young woman who faces struggles, obstacles, and challenging situations at every turn, because of the color of her skin. And it’s sad to say that in 2015, many people today are going through what Beauty has gone through. By writing about Beauty the author knows that the message of strong faith in God, strength, and perseverance, can bring about change, just like it did in Beauty’s life. So, as you read about Beauty, understand her story, and if you can bring about change in someone’s life by standing for what is right, then make that stand. This author understands and can relate to the struggles of racism, because of the author’s own struggles with being judged because of the color of her skin. This author knows firsthand the problems that it causes in families, on jobs, in school, and in the world. So, as you read Beauty’s story, open up your heart and understand her life.

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