Escaping The Cult

by Trinette Nash Thompson


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Escaping The Cult

The author wrote the book as an encouraging message to many, to let them know that no matter how hard life may seem, no matter how many difficult situations you may have to face in your life, that if you hold on to your faith in God, you too can overcome any situation. By faith you can escape any dysfunctional behaviors or addictions in your life. The young Sage faced some challenging situations, and what I liked about her was that she always went to God to pray.


About the Author

Trinette Nash Thompson

Trinette Nash Thompson was inspired to write a book about the young Sage’s life because of the many dysfunctional situations that go on in many people’s lives today. This author noticed that dysfunction starts in people’s lives through some type of incident that traumatized them and kick-started a chain reaction in the lives of many people. Some people can escape the trauma of dark places or addictions, while others are not so strong. This book was written in 2015 as an inspiration and encouragement to many, to let them know that anyone can come out of the darkness of hell. If you believe and pray and watch God’s amazing power to deliver and answer prayer. As you read about young Sage, I hope that you can understand her story and know that anyone can overcome dark dysfunctional places.

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