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A fight for life takes an inconceivable turn. Where is she?

WHILE STRUGGLING TO COPE WITH AN AGONIZING ASSAULT, AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL EXPERIENCES THE SEPARATION OF MIND AND BODY, WHICH FINDS HERSELF INTERACTING WITH MANY OTHERS SUFFERING FROM THE SAME MISFORTUNE, IN ANOTHER REALM. FACED WITH A DECISION NO CHILD SHOULD ENDURE, SHE MUST CHOOSE TO EITHER STAY IN HER SAFE HAVEN OR COME BACK TO REALITY TO FACE HER NEMISIS. GLEN is in a motel room with one of his many girl friends. He is so happily involved at the moment that it has completely slipped his mind that JENNY, his eleven year old daughter has been outside the locked doors of her school waiting for him to pick her up. JENNY'S heart sinks as she glances toward the winding bike path at the mouth of the tall dense pine rows and the very sight of it triggers a flip flop in the pit of her stomach. No one, to her knowledge, has ever volunteered to take a solitary stroll through the pines this time of the day, not that it isn't beautiful and refreshingly quiet, with all the busy hub bub going on these days, it's just the eerie feeling it lays on you once you've reached the center half way mark. The thirty foot tall pines tend to block out the sun light and then suddenly, you're faced without daylight and your mind begins to play tricks on you with all the silly things that go bump in the night. Even during the early hours of the day children are warned to always travel in groups when it's necessary to walk to school, seeing that the bike path starts at the neighborhood park and ends at the school playground. Parents like the convenience because they don't have to get up and drive their kids back and forth, although a handful still do, sometimes still in their bathrobes and slippers, only because their kids are to young or to afraid of the unknown, some say it's all hype, but whatever the reason, it all comes to mind for JENNY now that she is facing the dilemma. KAREN, JENNY'S loving mother is aware of this situation too, but she also is pre-occupied at this time. Those damn red high heels flaunting themselves in the store front window have taunted her long enough and come hell or high water, their coming home with her.... today. Just like GLENS insatiable lust for sex will be fulfilled once again... today, and poor JENNIFER STEVENS life, as innocent as a new born kitten, will never, ever be the same ... today. Who knows when this horror first started, maybe at the beginning of time. Were they always around? What made them do the things they did? They're very good at keeping their secrets, someone must have taught them, someone obviously very evil. Life was pretty much normal up till now. A silly little brother, always finding a way to get attention and getting himself into trouble, while the youngest of them all keeps a low profile. What happened to JENNY must not be brought out into the open for the threats of doing harm to the family are way to frightening for her to handle and it has intentionally put her into a trap. What happened to her when all hope was gone? Was FRAN really there? Or did JENNY create this whole realm and everyone in it? It doesn't seem so since they all really do exist. Can body and mind separate? JENNY is a prime example that it can. The NEMESIS has had a lot of luck on his side for far too long, but there is a hero that will finally break the long silence of this unforgivable crime, but it's not who you may think it would be. The truth will come out, it always does.


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" What's that light I just came through?" Jenny asked. " Why that's the Merkaba my dear... the devine light.... a chariot that carries you from one dimension to the next...into a new realm... in your case, to here....7th heaven. " Fran softly answered.


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Phyllis Brooks

Phyllis Brooks, a retiree from the food industry, resides in Galway, New York. Phyllis Brooks, experienced in many professions, and once owning her own bakery, lives in a small town forty miles northwest of Albany, New York. Coming from a broken home, she struggled through her unsettling childhood years moving from town to town unable to assemble normal daily living. While riding the waves of life, experiencing the bad with the good, she excelled and became the woman she is today, now enjoying contentment and love with family and friends.