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A Poet’s Heart is an inspirational poetry book. Fresh and provoking to motivate, and empower the heart, mind, and soul.

“A Poet’s Heart” Is both heartwarming and poignantly disquieting. Captivating with a strong artistic voice which will indelibly speak to one’s soul. With a powerful connection to the author’s thoughts, feelings, words, and images. Leaving upon the heart, a lasting presence of love.


About the Author

Donna Solitario

DONNA M. SOLITARIO is the author of: “Embrace the Light; a Woman’s Story Through Poetry to Touch Your Heart” Website: Donna is also the author of: “Coming Home to My Heart; For Inner Peace” Website: Donna earned a BS in Human Service, and a Certificate in Special Education. With over ten years experience as a Special Education Teacher. She has experience in Domestic Violence Counseling, and Tutoring. She is currently a GED Instructor. Donna is a Poetry Ambassador, who has won several poetry awards. She is featured in the inspiring celebrity book, “Dream Reachers” with Icons such as: Clint Eastwood, Tanya Tucker, Ann Southern, and new, uprising, stars, and artists. Donna enjoys ministering to youth and adults to inspire spirituality.

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