Lest We Forget_eBook

Remembrance of What Once Was

by Paul Demetter


Book Details

Lest We Forget is the third volume of the Uelzen series (The Road To Uelzen and The Long Road Home)

Years have passed since the tumultuous and devastating World War II. For the families affected, all they could do is to try to piece their lives back together but the memories live on. Some can never forget or forgive and expect retribution. Their obsession drives them to decisions that will alter their lives.

Lest We Forget begins where it’s prequel, The Long Road Home ends. John and Katharina’s daughter now has children that are grown, children that have questions about their ancestors. The next generation, John and Christine, now yearn to find out about their war hero grandfather after finding his long ago packed away journals that are filled with stories that were never shared. The two decide that the only way they can understand is to return to the place where it all started. What they don’t know is the danger that they will face as they begin their pursuit of learning more about him. Unaware of the uncertainty and hazards they will encounter that will change their lives, they decide to engage in their quest. The siblings find out that Germany is no longer the country that it once was. However, they discover that certain elements of prejudice and hatred remains. Among the hatred is the craving by a family for revenge against the descendants of the Eschmann family to which John and Christine belong.

John and Christine soon learn that with everything there is a price to be paid. In their search both lives will be impacted and changed forever.


About the Author

Paul Demetter

PAUL DEMETTER received his BS degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University, his MS degree in Human Resources from Central Michigan University, and completed courses from Harvard Business School. Professionally he served for forty-four years in multi-site retail with national and international focus. The last nineteen years of his career involved various facets within the area of Human Resources across the country. His passion has been in teaching religious studies to youth for over the past 20 years and currently is a Seminary teacher. In addition, he currently teaches courses for Portland State University. His previous books that have been published include: (non-fiction) “The Journey We Call Mortality” – 2020; (historical fiction) “The Road To Uelzen” – 2021; (historical fiction and sequel to “The Road To Uelzen”) “The Long Road Home” – 2022; and this book is the conclusion to the “Uelzen series” – “Lest We Forget” (also historical fiction). He is currently completing his next historical fiction book titled “The Forgotten Immigrant” which will be released next year. He and his wife, Gena, reside in Mooresville, North Carolina and are the parents of four children and have thirteen grandchildren.

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