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Barely more than a decade after The Great War, the seeds of discontent are rising amongst the German population. The reparations exacted by the Allies, from the Treaty of Versailles become untenable for the defeated country. Precious land and resources have been removed, monetary sanctions have been implemented on an already asset-poor country, unemployment is rampant and the country has experienced over seven million estimated casualties, not counting civilians. Political infighting has erupted resulting in severe food shortages and hyperinflation with families struggling to exist.

Prior to the war, the Eschmann family settled outside the town of Uelzen, Germany establishing a farm to assist them in raising their family. Fredrick, the oldest son, has been sent to live with his grandparents in Brandenburg to receive a formal education. While there, he meets and falls in love with Christina Rosenberg. The challenges of an inter-faith relationship ensue yet the couple decides to marry and return to the Eschmann homestead in Uelzen to live. Shortly thereafter, he is conscripted to serve in the German army to fight in World War I.

At the conclusion of the war, the family tries to pick up the pieces as they mourn and try to care for family and others going through the same experience. Upon returning home to a defeated country, Fredrick and Christina struggle to put their lives together but manage to start a family. Nearly twenty years pass and they find themselves once again experiencing the germinating seeds of war, but this is different. The flames of war rhetoric are fanned with blame and hatred toward many of their own German Jewish citizens, which now jeopardizes Christina and any children that she and Fredrick have. Once again the family will face the trials and suffering they thought they would never have to relive.

As the story unfolds we witness how the generations of one family have been forever impacted by the political machinations and aspirations of a few as we relive the amazing era of the 20th century that crossed generations and continents in a world of unrest - a world that faces death, destruction, hatred, sacrifice, love, and hope.

Volume one, “The Road to Uelzen” of this two-volume series will chart the Eschmann family from the time of World War I to the middle of World War II illustrating their personal journey as they travel to Uelzen. “The Road to Uelzen” will take the reader through a historical perspective of a fictional family opposed to war, yet thrust into it with their surprising awareness that not everyone is the enemy as it provides a story that illustrates the impact of war on the victors and the vanquished.


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Paul Demetter

Paul Demetter, author of “The Journey We Call Mortality”, has extensive Human Resources experience with multi-national companies. He holds a master’s degree from Central Michigan University and a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University with a major in Business Management. He has had the opportunity to teach religion courses to young adults for over twenty years. As an avid student of history, specifically World War history, he has traveled to Europe several times to visit sites and conduct research surrounding that era. Paul lives with his wife, Gena, in Mooresville, NC. They are the parents of four children and the grandparents of thirteen grandchildren. His next book, “The Long Road Home”, the sequel to ‘The Road to Uelzen”, will be released by the first of 2022.

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