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Former police aviator, Jake Cahill, and family are happily ensconced on his late parent’s legacy Sierra ranch, Tierra del Puma, Land of the Cougar. Life bustles for Jake, Valerie, and daughter Sarah. But then a private investigator arrives at the ranch seeking to rent a secluded cabin and making a request. She asks Jake’s friend, retired FBI agent Mark Kincaid, to assist her with a small innocuous case she has pending. Suddenly, Mark finds himself treading ever so lightly through a series of events that swirl around an influential pastor and his ministry. Suspicions abound as to what hides beneath that spiritual umbrella. Jake unexpectedly finds himself embroiled in the mystery when he discovers something decidedly unusual that lies over the fence line of Tierra del Puma. Vague and twisting clues ultimately lead to a confrontation where confessions can be deadly. Meanwhile, Valerie must reconcile a new reality and the weight of a decision to tell her family. And, within the Sierra breeze, The Legend of Tierra del Puma will reveal itself to a stranger who must fulfill an obligation that could make the difference between life and death.


About the Author

Rick Lawin

Rick Lawin spent over 25 years on the Los Angeles Police Department and was assigned to the Air Support Division as a pilot and instructor in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Rick also worked as a charter and news pilot. He is rated in helicopters, multi-engine airplanes, seaplanes, and gliders. Rick holds a masters’ degree in Aeronautical Science and spent 22 years teaching aviation safety at a major university. He resides in Northern California, close to the High Sierra.

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