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The Legend of Tierra del Puma continues… Valerie and Jake Cahill have finally made it to the solitude of Tierra del Puma, Jake’s family legacy ranch. His days as an LAPD pilot have come to an end, and together the couple have left the dangers and drama of LA behind, or so they thought. A violent storm rages over the Sierras. Something is ejected from the tempest brew of angry clouds and plummets into the ranch backcountry. Unbeknownst to the Cahills a clandestine search is underway to locate whatever fell from the furious sky. Meanwhile, a new arrival at the ranch carries a secret. It is a secret that will place the young wrangler and the Cahills on a collision course with those that will stop at nothing to recover what lies buried in the snowy depths of Tear Drop Pass. Events quickly unfold into a vicious, rapid-fire confrontation pitting Jake and Valerie against forces that reach far beyond the Sierra Nevada. Yet, in the midst of chaos, a longstanding legend remains; the namesake of the ranch. The elusive guardian may again be called upon to prove that the land will always be “La Tierra del Puma.”


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Rick Lawin

About the Author About the Author Rick Lawin spent over 25 years on the Los Angeles Police Department. While assigned to the Air Support Division as a pilot and instructor he received the Department’s highest award, the Medal of Valor. Rick also worked as a charter and news pilot. He is rated in helicopters, multi engine airplanes, seaplanes and gliders. Rick holds a masters’ degree in Aeronautical Science and has spent 20 years teaching aviation safety at a major university. He resides in Northern California, close to the High Sierra.

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