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What would be the price of his glory? Innocent lives.

This novel brings to life a neglected chapter in the history of the land that would become America—a time of violent struggle for nothing less than control of the New World. To the east were the English; to the west the Spanish. The center of the American continent was up for grabs, and the French were making their move. The Price of Glory is the gripping saga of Robert La Salle, the French explorer who made the first attempt to claim and develop that mid-continent wilderness. The story spans La Salle’s defining years, from 1673 to 1687, when he conceived, and then put into motion, his scheme to build a major colony on the Gulf of Mexico and then to plant settlements along the Mississippi. It is a tale of obsession, political chicanery in the court of Louis XIV, perilous voyages across oceans and the Great Lakes, treks through the wilderness that called on everything a mind and body could give—and then demanded more—encounters with Indians who tortured and cannibalized their victims, a savage battle against the ferocious Iroquois Confederacy, and the fatal consequences stemming from the primitive state of navigation in the 17th century…and why the scheme failed so tragically. It’s the story of how the lost lives of hundreds of people, whose trust La Salle betrayed, was too high a price to pay for his glory


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Patrick Shannon

Patrick Shannon is the author of four previous books which received eight literary awards. He served in the U.S. Coast Guard and then traveled extensively for a major oil corporation. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Society.

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