Eli - Mystery on the Yazoo River

by Daniel E. Brown


Book Details

Two Kids and a living Legend Make a Historical Discovery

The people of Satartia are proud of their one claim to fame: Eli, the gigantic catfish who lives in the Yazoo River. Two kids, Timmy and Tori, had saved Eli from a fisherman by leading him downriver, but fish have an amazing ability to return home, and Eli returns a few months later. The kids are delighted to see Eli again and spend nearly every waking moment with him. When Eli disappears one day, Timmy and Tori find him wedged between some logs and free him. Little do they know, Eli has inadvertently solved a 300-year-old mystery and discovered a big piece of Mississippi’s lost history. And when university researchers descend on the Yazoo River, Eli proves to be the hero the people of Satartia have always known him to be!


About the Author

Daniel E. Brown

Daniel E Brown is fortunate to have a fine, loving wife, two children who are better than he deserves, and grandchildren who are always worthy of an ice-cream cone when they come to visit. He has been a lifelong storyteller, in speaking engagements across the United States, and "on air" as a radio talk show host in Orlando, Florida. Daniel is also the author of Eli – Pride of the Yazoo River, Mr. Chance Collins, and Second House from the Corner.

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