Second House from the Corner

My First Real Job - Dew Worms

by Daniel E. Brown


Book Details

A First Job Leads to an Unexpected Discovery . . .

Nine-year-old Dan knows how to hustle, and when he sees his friend Greg with a nifty new bike, he wants to know how he can earn enough money to get one, too. Greg tells him all about picking up night crawlers—or dew worms—for a local bait supplier. At the second house from the corner, the neighborhood kids drop off coffee cans full of worms and pick up their pay envelopes. It’s dirty, messy, fun work, but one day Dan finds something he doesn’t expect. Second House from the Corner is a delightful tale of childhood adventure and a tribute to the value of hard work!


About the Author

Daniel E. Brown

Daniel E Brown has always tried to strive for the exceptional. As a child, he always wanted to play sports—any kind, whatever was in season. In high school, he earned seven varsity letters. He played college football at University of Illinois and Mississippi State; he was invited to try out for the Dallas Cowboys and made it to the third cut. He also tried out for the US Olympic team in the 1500M flatwater kayak—he did not make the final team, but he made amazing memories!

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