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In the shadow of the day, the tow man hides but at night he stalks his victims in his wrecker of death.

Twenty-six year old Tara Gibbons struggles to deal with being a tow truck driver and the stigma of being a woman in a man’s field. Newly employed by Cole Wilson, Tara finds herself attracted to her boss, though the pair collide in a heated class of wills. As the tension between Tara and Cole mount, a hidden danger evolves. Someone is watching Tara, Someone with an ulterior motive. As Tara finds herself the object of a stalker, she stumbles upon Cole’s secret past, a past that wants to make itself known. Now Tara must uncover the truth and face a life or death battle with a serial tow man. But who is the killer and who can she trust?


Book Excerpt

They drove side roads, avoiding main stretches of highway. The truck turned into a rural neck of the woods. The streets narrowed, winding, and twisting along a river. The sky darkened from the grove of trees bordering the roadway. As the wrecker drove down a steep incline, the truck pulled into a narrow driveway, overgrown with dead growth on both sides.

Branches scraped the truck as they drove down the stretch. In the distance sat a dilapidated old house. The second floor windows were cracked or missing all together, the front door boarded up. The truck drove past the house, pulled into the rear yard, and parked. The house couldn’t be seen from the roadway, truck concealed. No one would know they were here. The back of the house looked as bad as the front. She noted the rotted porch with several missing steps. The place looked like a horror movie set; only she was the star.


About the Author

Tamera Lawrence

With a passion for writing, award-winning Tamera Lawrence likes to entertain readers with edgy thrillers and mysteries. Native to Pennsylvania, Tamera draws on personal experiences to bring to life interesting characters set in today’s complex world. 

Tamera’s books include The Pond, Ghosts of Mayflower, Pennhurst Ghosts of Mayflower II & Asylum. Tamera has been on several television shows including Ghost Asylum, The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt & Portals To Hell.

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