The Serpent's Mark

Book 1

by Tamera Lawrence


Book Details

Under the cover of darkness, the serpent waits, watching for the right moment to strike.

When foster teen, RACHEL GARTH is sent to camp, she plans to run away. But the city girl is unprepared for what she encounters in the woods, a terrifying serpent. As Rachel looks for help, she finds camp leaders aren’t what they seem. Now Rachel will face the evil changeling using survival skills she never knew she possessed. For deep within the Serpent’s lair, Rachel will come face to face with the beast from her nightmares.


Book Excerpt

Rachel staggered with Sarah, unable to continue. She walked down a hill, looking for a place to hide. At the foot of the knoll, tall grasses gathered. She slumped to her knees, allowing Sarah to drop. Breathing heavily, she did her best hiding the girl, pulling weeds over her form. Catching her breath, tears flowed free. This couldn’t be happening. It wasn’t possible. How could Gabe turn into such a creature? And what of the other? The man had been familiar. Who was he? She rubbed her hand over her sweaty face, brushing damp hair away from her forehead. She was lost. Hopelessly so. She pulled her knees to her chest, burying her head. Thunder growled in the sky. Lightning followed. A storm approached. Tiredness crept over her. She touched Sarah’s face. Warm. Thank God. How the girl stayed sleeping was a mystery. She considered leaving Sarah and getting help. She couldn’t carry her. Physically, she was drained. She stared at the child, undecided. Something approached. She stilled her breath, crouching low.


About the Author

Tamera Lawrence

With a passion for writing, Award winning author Tamera Lawrence likes to entertain readers with edgy thrillers and mysteries. As a mother of six, Tamera draws on firsthand experiences to bring to life interesting characters set in today’s complex world. Books include GHOSTS OF MAYFLOWER: A PENNHURST HAUNTING, PENNHURST GHOSTS OF MAYFLOWER II, WRECKER CREEPER, THE POND.

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