Goosebumps & Chicken-skin

by Larry Bieghler


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Short Stories from Randomville

This is a place filled with stories unlike any you have read before. Where you are free to wonder though the dark streets and alleyways of your imagination. Where you can meet the “Earth Pilot” who believes that all people are insane except for the three of them. Or have you ever wondered what would happen if the “Reaper Died.” Or perhaps you would prefer to witness the last gunfight of the old west. Or maybe, you are curious to find out, who wants to “Kill the Frogs.” Read these stories and many others in this book of Goosebumps & chicken-skin.


About the Author

Larry Bieghler

The author has retired in Washington State since 2019. He enjoys the challenge of writing stories, reading old stories, researching history, and traveling when the world will let him. Meaning that the Covid environment has stopped much of his traveling for the last few years.

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