Levi Sawyer - Dancing With The Devil

by Larry A. Bieghler


Book Details

An Outlaw’s Cruel Revenge

After Levi Sawyer came home one day to find his wife murdered and four of his horses stolen, he swore that he would bring justice to the men who committed this terrible crime. He followed the outlaws over the Blue Mountains and into the Walla Walla Valley. When the outlaws abducted a young woman, he became part of the posse that rescued her, killing two of the criminals in the process. But the most dangerous of the band survived…the heartless Willard Pile, who will stop at nothing to get his revenge. Sawyer went back to Montana to settle his affairs, but now he’s in the valley again, and ready to make a life with his new love. But Willard Pile has other plans. Sawyer and the men of the Marley Ranch, assisted by their friend Badger, will have to track down Pile and his men. There will be no peace for Levi Sawyer until he fulfills his promise…to stop Willard Pile once and for all. This colorful, compelling historical novel will keep you enthralled from the first page to the last.


Book Excerpt

From Chapter 1 Their light-hearted conversation came to a halt when Cardell saw the look on Sawyer's face. "What are you looking at, Levi?" Cardell asked. Sawyer walked over to the buckskin and took the note from the saddle. Opening it, he suddenly looked at Cardell. "ELIZABETH! Where is she, Tom? Where did you leave her? "In front of the hardware store on Main Street. What's going on? What's that note say, Levi? Sawyer suddenly dropped the note and rushed passed Thomas. As Levi Sawyer disappeared into the crowd, Thomas Cardell picked up the note and began to read.... "For a while I thought it was all over, because as hard as I looked, I couldn't find hide nor hair of you. I can't tell you how disappointing it was, after what you did to me. Killing my best friend and all. "Then one day I ran into Robert Brandon, after he escaped from Tiger Canyon. He told me about your horse and the distinguishing mark left by a bullet. "About a week later, good fortune came my way again, when I happened to run into a young lady on the streets of Waitsburg, by the name of Elizabeth Marley. "You shouldn't have told James Danley that you worked for the Marley Ranch. "Don't worry, Levi, I'm not going to kill you yet. I'm just going to take the life of someone you care about, and when you get really mad, you and I will dance in the streets of hell.


About the Author

Larry A. Bieghler

Larry Bieghler’s Levi Sawyer books were inspired by historical information about the Walla Walla valley, where the author has lived for many years. The success of the first novel, Levi Sawyer: Shadow of a Dead Man inspired Larry to write a sequel, and he is now writing a third novel in the series. In this novel Levi has agreed to help transport a train full of convicts to a new prison. It will complete the trilogy, and change Sawyer's life forever.

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