Global Vice

A COMSEC Thriller

by Andrew Rafkin


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They’re the best security team in the business. And they’re in big trouble.

Ben Alexander is a highly trained and experienced security operative. Nickolas Zelenko is a computer genius. They own a bleeding-edge security firm called COMSEC, and things have suddenly become dangerous… even deadly.

What looked like a straight case of insurance fraud has blown up into an international scandal: organ smuggling, human trafficking, and murder. Are Ben and Nickolas up to the challenge? They’ve got a few unbeatable secret weapons:

Allison McBride—a beautiful, brilliant partner who completes her tasks with superior skill.

A team of former Navy SEALs and Special Ops soldiers who do not let rules or red tape slow them down.

And EVE—the most advance artificial intelligence on the planet, with creatively acquired access to every database, security cam, satellite, and news feed around the world. EVE can put COMSEC and its action team anywhere, anytime, to do whatever it takes to save the day and protect freedom.

The heroes of COMSEC take the war against human traffickers from LA. to New York, from hidden prisons in gold mines throughout the world, to depraved island resorts in the West Indies and Seychelles. The goal is to bring it all down.

Join the COMSEC heroes on a globe-trotting adventure filled with action and intrigue. You’re in for a hell of a ride.

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