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Terrorists have attacked the harbor of Galveston

"Terrorists have attacked the harbor of Galveston, Texas, where a dirty bomb was detonated next to a container ship, resulting in major damage to the container ship, and the radiation released by the explosion could be disastrous. We have no further information at this time except that the president and the head of Homeland Security have pushed the terror alert to RED!

Andre Petrov, a successful security company executive, forms the Oceans Reconnaissance Commission and Asso-ciates (O.R.C.A.) to provide coastal and port protection against global terrorism, drug trafficking, and environ-mental issues. Retired Navy SEAL Commander Reef Jo-hansson and the beautiful Alexis Mikos, a former Greek Secret Service agent, plus a handpicked group of security and computer specialists lead O.R.C.A. against the terror-ists. Using cutting-edge ballistics technology and specially designed and powerful Orca boats, they attempt to foil a diabolical terrorist plot funded and contrived by a vengeance-seeking North Korean family and a wealthy Iranian mullah.


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Author Andrew Rafkin relies on his experiences during the Vietnam War and his entrepreneurial success in the field of security systems in his novel Creating Madness, the first installment of an exciting new action thriller series that tackles the major concerns of a post-9/11 world.
Unlike the competition, Creating Madness resounds with authority and demonstrates how the private sector can join the fight against global terrorism.


About the Author

Andrew J Rafkin

ANDREW RAFKIN, was born in 1946 in San Pedro, California, and grew up in a commericial fishing family.
Through high school he worked on sportfishing boats, and at seventeen went commerical fishing with his father, captain of a large purse seiner, during summer vacation.
Two years later he worked aboard a ninety-foot fishing boat, whch was caught in a hurricane force storm where Andrew almost lost his life. These events later served as inspiration for his first non-fiction true life adventure, Red Sky Morning.
He served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and later graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with degrees in economics and marketing. He is a successful entrepreneur and President of a security company servicing Southern California over thirty years.
A voracious reader of Action-Adventure and Political Thrillers, he decided to create his own story and characters and began to write Creating Madness, the first novel in the O.R.C.A. series.
His second novel Mediterranean Madness will be avalable the fall of 2007. The third O.R.C.A. adventure will be in print by next spring.
Andrew and his wife live in San Pedro. Their home sits on the bluff overlooking the Pacific and Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors.
He spends his spare time reading, fishing, hunting, golfing, and making wine.

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