Suicide Affair - Book Three: Thunder

by Tony Stanford


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Warning: Undiscipline Knowledge can be dangerous and destructive.

Like a spider on a web, sit I, in a spiritual realm, on a spiritual web, covering the earth’s globe. Peering down, I watch my puppets: Rita, Johnny, and Nancy. My toys for play and destruction.

I am a shadow.

A dark entity.

I am Simon, the Crow.

Rita freed Deysi Blakk’s book, Blakk Magick, from its prison. She opened it. The table of contents were titled, Revelations, Principles, and Recipes. Underneath the titles were subtitles. The book was a manual not meant to be read from beginning to end, but according to need and knowledge. The title, Colors of Magick, grabbed Rita’s attention. She read, “Dark lovers have dark intentions...”


About the Author

Tony Stanford

Tony Stanford, a self-taught writer and native of Southeast Missouri, was born on Crowley’s Ridge and lives his life in and around the Ozarks.

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