Life's Elusive Horizon

... an unholy trinity

by Robert A. Hilliard


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Life's Elusive Horizon ... an unholy trinity

Political upheaval, the winds of change in international thoroughbred racing and an unprecedented tournament run by a German football club act as backdrops for this final chapter in the episodic adventures of rival prominent equine industry elites, an international soccer star and their respective connections. From racing ovals at Saratoga, Churchill Downs and the Curragh ... to betting parlors in Dublin, Kilkenny and the Big Apple ... to international soccer pitches in Germany and Spain, TJ Cutter III, Beauregard Wellington and Jorge Hauptmann, along with members of their close-knit families and circle of friends, struggle with challenges from within and beyond their control. As the 1980s move toward the decade's close, their futures lie beyond life’s elusive horizon.


Book Excerpt

Shea O'Halloran observed it ... Sean Davis Jeffries felt it ... and ever-loyal life partner Darci McDougal understood it. Beauregard Wellington, having spent half the decade turning Bourbonesque International into a marketing juggernaut, was becoming increasingly restless with what he, himself, described as "an imbalance between what I'm supposed to do and what I was meant to do."

Put simply, the American ex-pat from Lexington, Kentucky, wanted back into the thoroughbred racing business in the worst way. Oh sure, he had his CanUSire breeding operation with long-time rival and current joint venture partner TJ Cutter - an idea born of his own creative initiative. But he longed for the time, not too far in the past, when he'd called his own shots in bringing Thoroughbred Bs Farm and Triple-B Racing Stables to prominence on the biggest of stages.

For five years, Beau Wellington adhered to the arrangement under which his mother, Abigail, had essentially reimagined the long involvement of the Wellington family in the Commonwealth's bourbon and thoroughbred industries thru their social standing, economic prowess and political activism.

While he had little interest in returning to Stateside life, Beau was fully prepared to re-engage his equine-industry peers as the "invading scourge from County Kilkenny." What Beau needed, however, was not simply "clearance" from Abby, but a buy-in and new mother-and-son business relationship.

After multiple conversations with Beau, Darci and Sean, Shea managed to persuade Abigail to give her son a hearing.


About the Author

Robert A. Hilliard

Author Rob Hilliard has referred to the Cutter/Wellington trilogy as “my life on steroids.” He borrows liberally from time spent in Ireland, Germany and New York City; a wealth of experiences with “the sport of kings,” and a thorough knowledge of his alma mater, the University of Virginia. Rob and his wife, Kim Buckey, are now residing on Pantops Mountain in Charlottesville, VA.

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