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A long journey ends and a new one begins in Book 3 of The CORT Chronicle after saving Earth from CORT Inc.

Over one hundred years in the future, eleven-year-old Andy and his brother Zack come home to 2009, hoping to live normal lives. Yet something has gone wrong. They get back to a terrifying version of their hometown. In this edition strange new technologies have taken over and an underground city is about to be reborn. Andy and Zack find themselves in a world where robots roam the streets and somehow CORT Inc. is back and on the verge of controlling everything. To make things worse, the kids’ parents have vanished, and the family dog Buddy has run away. Andy and Zack must set out on a quest to save Trinity, New York, and Earth again. They need to find the source of this chaos, and destroy it. But can our two young heroes—with the help of an old friend—bring back the world they knew before?


About the Author

David D. Bernstein

David D. Bernstein is an energy healer and psychic who has worked with children for many years in different settings. He is the author of a book of poetry and two picture books, The Enchanted Rope and Peanut. His middle grade book, The Portal, won a CIPA EVVY Merit award in juvenile fiction in 2018, and he authored Spirral and Rebirth in The CORT Chronicles Trilogy. David has had poems published in several magazines and anthologies and is the recipient of five Editor’s Choice awards. He is also the proud uncle of two young boys.

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