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One little girl’s journey from sadness to obsession and finally freedom!

Wendy loves her father very much and enjoys doing many things with him. But one day he leaves—her parents are getting a divorce—and he’s not coming back. Wendy is left with a deep sadness and no way to cope with it, so she turns to peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, which remind her of her dad. And her obsession begins. It will take a loving mother and a sweet little homeless dog named Peanut to help Wendy overcome her grief and finally begin to heal.


About the Author

David D. Bernstein

David D. Bernstein is a tennis instructor, psychic reader, and energy healer who has worked with children for many years in different settings. He’s the author of a book of poetry; a children’s book called The Enchanted Rope; and a middle grade novel, The Portal, the first book in the Cort Chronicles Trilogy. He also had several poems published in magazines and anthologies and is the recipient of five Editor Awards. Peanut is his second picture book. David is a proud uncle of two young boys.

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